Restaurants/Convenience Stores/ Banks/ Businesses
Your name, reputation and brand are everything. Ecotec professionals will partner with you to provide a level of confidence to you and your customers.  You want to know that you and they are protected.  As your trusted partner, we are always there.   Our visits are not just the scheduled monthly service calls—they are often our free of charge courtesy calls that help our customers maintain a clean and safe operation.  Your satisfied customers and better business results are our goal.
Some of these programs include:

  • Exterior Perimeter Inspection and Treatment- All exterior penetration points are treated monthly to maintain invisible barrier that keeps occasional invaders out.
  • Exterior Power spray- As permitted by law, Ecotec professionals coordinate with property management to power spray the exterior perimeter of the property twice per year.  Service is typically performed in the spring, before pest activity begins and in the fall, before pest activity diminishes for the year.  Service is typically performed before sunrise so as not to disturb guests or interfere with their activities.  Electric motor is used so no noise pollution is created.
  • Interior Perimeter Inspection and Treatment- It’s not enough to just create exterior barriers.  Often times, pests hitch a ride on luggage, pets and people.  Ecotec Professionals know what to look for and how to best apply treatments.  While most battles should be won on the outside, interior treatments will take care of the occasional pests that are brought in. 
  • Grounds Maintenance-   At the properties pleasure, Ecotec Professionals are available to treat and maintain all landscaping areas.  This includes preventive maintenance, hedge and ornamental trimming, weed control, pest control, pre-emergence, lawn care and other general maintenance needs.
  • Rodent Programs- Ecotec Professionals offer rodent programs to deal with mice, rats, or even burrowing animals.  Programs include exterior baiting, interior baiting, and interior trapping.  You name it, we take care of it.
  • Fly programs- Nothing ruins a dining experience like flies or fruit flies.  Ecotec Professionals are trained to install fly lights, fruit fly traps, and treat for the removal of these warm season pests.