With over 25 years of golf course management experience and Class ‘A’ Membership in the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of America there is not a pest/turf related situation that we have not dealt with.
Common sense is always the first step. Our name says it all; we strive to remain ecologically sensitive and technologically advanced (ECOTEC)!
Not all bugs are bad, but some can devastate the beauty of a lawn or garden
Our team of professionals will provide you with safe and healthy lawn for your family and pets
We also offer lawn care services

Landscape/Turf Care Management



Ecotec values safety above all. Not all bugs are bad, but some can devastate the beauty of a business property’s landscaping or a residential lawn or garden. Our top commitment is to your health and the health of your staff, customers and family, pets and wildlife. Let us show you how to keep your lawn green and your garden blooming in a safe, sustainable way. Ecotec’s maintenance practices are grounded in proven turf management and environmental protocols of the PGA of America – stewards of America’s golf courses for generations. Whether your landscaping leads to your home’s front door or to the lobby of your business or professional practice, let us help you keep it thriving professionally and affordably.